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Graphic design and ecofriendly pot cover made in mineral paper. Completely waterproof, it neither fears water nor humidity.
 A single Huipil can offer you different designs depending on its position around the pot.
You can cut and adjust it to the size of your pot.

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Dress your plants with style

Let’s face it… : don’t you think some plants deserve nicer pots? So why not dressing those planters instead of replacing or getting rid of them since your plants feel good in there ?
So we thought of the HUIPIL : a traditional garment worn as a tunic with embroidery ornaments by Maya women in Mexico. Huipils differ from one village to the other and their patterns often represent a symbolic meaning.
We visualized 5 different Huipils with LE VIVANT patterns to dress your planters and give your plants a new look.

Ready to pick your own ? We challenge you !

Material :

We chose to use a revolutionary and eco-friendly material for this range : The “Rocstar” mineral paper. 

The mineral paper is a genius blend of mineral powder (calcium carbonate) made with leftovers from crushed rocks, and non-toxic polyethylene resin (HDPE) as a binder. That’s it !

With its unusual composition, the mineral paper imparts a complete resistance to items produced with this material. It’s therefore completely waterproof and also resists to humidity. So don’t be scared of water splashes, the Huipil won’t fear them !

User manual : Download

Additional information

Weight 0.155 kg
Dimensions 11 × 33 × 11 cm
Huipil dimensions

23cm x 74cm


Mineral paper (80% mineral powder, 20% de polyethylene)

Size of the pot

Maximum diameter : 22cm
Maximum height : 23cm

Made in



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