We are LE VIVANT, a committed company.

We purposefully focus on sustainable materials, innovation and recyclability for all of our creations including packaging.
Sharing our manufacturing process with transparency is also part of our mindset.

Design :
Colorful, warm and timeless. We designed pieces in a way that you can love them forever.
We carefully created pure lines, picked superior quality materials as well as temporary colors, in a spirit of passion and attention to details.
While le vivant has a timeless look and feel, we also aspire to evolution, innovation and newness, hence capsules and collaborations which will be released on a regular basis.

Modularity and timlessness :
Your living space shifts, your tastes vary, and you’ll always love plants ! With our versatile creations, follow your inspiration by effortlessly adjusting the set-up of your le vivant pieces, or add a new element to them for a new look while not wasting anything.

Durability :
Our materials selection criterias : superior quality, robusteness, recyclability, and sourcing proximity.

Made in France :
We opted for domestic productions, and collaborations with stars from the french craftsmanship community. our creations are manufactured in Brittany, Champagne, Jura, and Paris where we reside.
Highlighting french know-how and optimizing logistics are also part of the “Le Vivant” equation.

We bring our creations to life while taking care of mother nature.

That’s what makes the green overdose a special and unique formula :
Unconditional love for plants and the environment.