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Papa Champi – color


Eco-friendly clay pot water reservoir to be inserted along the plant for an optimal water distribution. Designed for large indoor plants, with a 6-8 days autonomy depending on the type of plant.

Sometimes the first fill will quickly decrease if your plant is very thirsty. Next, the irrigation will gradually adjust to the needed rhythm for the plant.

Color : Orange
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Large capacity of 50 cl for economical and effective watering for your indoor plants

The capacity of 50 cl of Papa Champi allows you to irrigate your interior plants optimally without waste water. Thanks to this large capacity, the water is released gradually and directly to the roots, ensuring regular hydration for your plants while avoiding waste of water.

Compared to traditional watering methods, Papa Champi helps you save water and maintain the health of your indoor plants, even during periods of drought.


How to watch over a good watering of your plants during your vacation?

Large pots in pots give a real jungle touch to your interior decoration, but their watering becomes a real challenge when you go on vacation. Large tropical plants need regular watering especially in summer. Lack of water or the lack of watering during the summer is a real risk of seeing your plant suffering when you return from vacation.
It is not always easy to find a sitter plant or set up a waterproof watering system.
Ollas are an easy and economical watering solution for you! In the living we have also thought of your major majestic plants with our “champis dad” who will take care of them while you enjoy your vacation. 🏕️ their 50 cl capacity will allow you to leave without worry at least for 7 days.

Preserve the environment with this eco -responsible watering solution for interior plants

Papa Champi is an ecological sprinkler who promotes responsible and environmentally friendly irrigation for your indoor plants. Made in terracotta, a natural and durable material, it helps to reduce your ecological footprint.

In addition, using Papa Champi to water your indoor plants, you encourage water conservation, an essential resource for our planet. Adopting this eco -responsible watering solution allows you to actively contribute to the preservation of our environment for future generations.


Combine Papa Champi and Champi for family and personalized watering of your indoor plants

Papa Champi and Champi form a father-son team to ensure optimal watering of your indoor plants. While Papa Champi offers a capacity of 50 cl for plants requiring a larger amount of water, Champi, the son, is smaller and suitable for plants needing less irrigation.

The two sprinklers are made of terracotta and complement each other perfectly to meet the specific needs of your indoor plants. Combine them to create a family, efficient and eco-responsible watering system.

How to use the “Papa Champi” to take care of your big plants during the holidays?

  • Preparation: Choose an appropriate plant pot and make sure there is enough space to place the olla in the pot.
  • Fill: Fill the Papa Champi entirely with clean water and close the cover to avoid evaporation.
  • Insertion: Insert the olla into the pot, ensuring that it is well pressed into the ground. Make sure it is in contact with the soil to allow irrigation by capillarity
  • Place the plant in the shade preferably in a cool place with a minimum of brightness. It’s that simple !

With the “Papa Champi”, you can go on vacation with confidence. So do not hesitate any longer and put the “Papa Champi” in your basket now to take care of your plants with ease.


Additional information

Weight 0,530 kg
Dimensions 18 × 15 × 13 cm

White, Yellow, Dark green, Orange


Clay and enamels


50 cl

Plants size



6 to 8 days. Please note that not all plants have the same water needs.

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