Muskari Orient the propagation station


Featuring two vials and six wooden pieces, this innovative kit of two stations suits everyone from beginners to plant aficionados. The colorful rings hold the glass tubes to live in style on your desk, cabinet, or anywhere you see fit.

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The plant propagation maestro

LE VIVANT is life addict. Introducing MUSKARI: the plant propagation maestro giving life infinitely in playful and creative ways!

The Green Overdose is limitless! Our latest creation is the most instagramable propagation station offering endless color and shape combinations.

Plants are gifts that just keep on giving. Through a little magic called propagation, you can have more of your favorite plants at no cost. This process consists of taking cuttings from a plant and growing them into their own separate entities. Our leafy friends will finally look stylish while growing into plants.

MUSKARI is the coolest and most versatile plant propagation station you can personalize in fun ways. If you know how to play Tetris, you’ll be great at customizing MUSKARI and let your imagination come up with your favorite combinations, and even evolve them overtime to change your babies’ outfits!


Additional information

Weight 0,50 kg
Dimensions 8 × 12 × 20 cm
Matériaux :

2 Tubes en verre
6 petites pièces en bois massif

Fabriqué :

Les tubes en France et pièces en bois en Espagne


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