Box 3 Champi Terraflower


1 White Olla, 1 Burgundy Olla et 1 Nature Olla.
The Box Champi, aka Triple Trouble!: 3 terracotta ollas to be inserted along the plant for optimal irrigation. Eco-friendly clay pot water reservoir. Once tucked in soil, it solely supplies what plants need. Hand-made.
Designed for medium-sized plants, with autonomy of 3 to 6 days depending on the type of plant.

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The Box Champi, aka Triple Trouble!

The more the merrier! It’s the same with our Champis!! Shall we bet friends? Check it yourself with the novelty Le Vivant: The Box Champi, aka Triple Trouble!
Unlike mass producers’ techniques, the manufacturing of our “Champis” Ollas aligns with the tradition of hand-crafted quality: an ancestral and eco-friendly watering technique.
The Olla naturally and effortlessly adapts to your pots.
Warning: expect hallucination and addiction! ☺ The “Champi” Olla is a drug you can admire with no limit and is good for health.

Additional information

Weight 0,700 kg
Dimensions 10 × 30 × 19 cm

Clay and enamels

Plants size



3 to 6 days. Please note that not all plants have the same water needs.

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